Time to Say Farewell
Survivor for 14 years. Cancer advocate for 12 years. Charitable CEO for 9 years.
I could not have done it without you.
The Halos of Hope concept began on the back of a napkin, in a downtown Chicago restaurant. We knew...we believed we could do great things. And we have. We have shipped hats to comfort thousands of individuals in hundreds of cancer centers across the country. We started a mission that could continue beyond Halos of Hope guidance, where ambassadors in their local areas serve local centers and hospitals.
Life happens. My diagnosis said I had a 30% chance to live 5 years.
I'm still here. In the past 3 years, my dear son has had not just one, but two adorable children, my grandsons, Liam and Harrison. My whole world is upside down. While Halos of Hope is a child of mine, it cannot replace the love, hugs and needs of my family. It's time to be Nonni (Grandma) first.
Between now and Jan 1, 2018, we will start winding down our Halos of Hope social media campaigns and activities.We'll be reducing our online presence. As cancer centers ask for support, we will post those, in case, you in the local area may want to assist. We strongly recommend that volunteers reach out to their local American Cancer Society offices or the oncology social workers of a local hospital, to see if they need cap assistance. They may have differing material needs (yarn and fabric) than we do, but we know that all of you are amazing enough to find what you can to help them. /
Because we have a backlog of caps to ship, we will continue to use donated funds through January 1 to ship hats. After January 1, we will return donated funds to the donor. If you are doing employee matching or monthly debits, we thank you for your participation, but recommend you make adjustments at year-end.
We will not be giving up our trademark, 501c3 or URL status, as we don't know what could happen in the next 5 years. We'll keep all of that available to us for future use.
Yes, this is a really difficult decision. But I think anyone would agree with Family First, especially in this day and age.We thank ALL of you for your amazing support!
If anyone has any questions, please contact us at halosofhope@gmail.com